Keith Urban Singalong! 06-19-2011 [I Like Keith Urban]

One of my favourite things to do is to sing songs when I’m driving. It helps out a lot when dealing with the emotional stress that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, you are seeing correctly… I am singing along to Keith Urban. I’m a sap. Anyways, I hope you all turn this off at the amount of awkward in this video =). Enjoy. <3.

What I Actually Do During a Sound Check. [I Dance to Wham… awkwardly]

Just a goofy video for you guys. I do realize I’m a very awkward dude and my princess is always in another castle… forever. That makes no sense! Anyways, still alive and well! Sort of… things could be much better but what can you do except roll with the punches! I will be creating a new blog site that focuses more on my daily life and such so I won’t have to post things that don’t relate to technology here. <3.