Salty Gamers – SSF4AE2012 Matches v BobbleheadAL [I Suck At SF]

So here’s a little treat for you! Salty Gamers is back with a few SSF4AE2012 matches! As soon as I can round up the rest of the cast I will film a brand new episode! Stay tuned folks!

Salty Gamers: Episode 6 – Time Force… Time Force… [Power Rangers] 07-10-2011

Yes! That’s right Salty Gamers is back! We will be filming summer episodes again! If you know me and would like to be a part of this show please feel free to let me know! This week’s game is Power Rangers Time Force. This game is definitely the worst game we’ve featured on this show. If you can get through the entire episode, you deserve an award! Enjoy! <3.

What I Actually Do During a Sound Check. [I Dance to Wham… awkwardly]

Just a goofy video for you guys. I do realize I’m a very awkward dude and my princess is always in another castle… forever. That makes no sense! Anyways, still alive and well! Sort of… things could be much better but what can you do except roll with the punches! I will be creating a new blog site that focuses more on my daily life and such so I won’t have to post things that don’t relate to technology here. <3.

Salty Gamers: Episode 5 – Better than Lillehammer… [Reppin’ Nagano] 04-01-2011

Guess what it’s time for? That’s right. Salty Gamers coming at ya! A very gigantic cast came out this week and I feel bad for those who did not know that the show was all about playing terrible/difficult games. Anyways, I felt it was fitting we’d play a game set in Japan. If you have not donated please do. Japanese people have given us many wonderful things that we may know or may not know of. In my case it’s Playstation and Final Fantasy games. Yes… I’m a nerd. Enjoy the episode!

Salty Gamers: Episode 4 – California Boys or… not. [California Games] 03-02-2011

It’s that time again… that’s right, another episode of Salty Gamers! Once again, I prove I’m amazing at games. You’ll be impressed by my extreme skateboard skills. In case you didn’t pick that up, I was being sarcastic. Haha =) I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. To be honest, I wish we would have had a test run before playing. Honestly, it’s harder than it looks. Oh and MZ could not make it for the episode as I stated since she was involved in a pretty bad car wreck. Peace. <3.

Salty Gamers: Episode 3 – Oh No! It’s Mario [Mario 1] 02-16-2011

Oh snap new Salty Gamers! Drifted from the usual format on this episode since I recorded over the footage for the original game. Kids, remember to record to a new file when capturing footage for another show! Anyways this week TJack and MZ join me as we play mario. Clearly we are not very good and MZ is. Enjoy!

Salty Gamers: Episode 2 – 1 Hr Christmas Special! [Yay Christmas!] 12-23-2010

So here it is, the one hour Christmas special! This week Taylor Jackson (Kid Millionairre), Lori Hutchinson (Dah Caketress), Aaron Behm, Reggie Rowlandson and of course Mr. FlashKickYourFace Andrew Reynolds join me in this extra salty extravaganza! Ikaruga and Deadly Towers were the games of choice and we couldn’t have picked harder and crappy games to play. Sorry for posting this late. I hope you enjoy regardless! Stay tuned for the afterhours extras!

<3. Happy Christmas everyone.