SSF4 Locals – 08/29/2013 [ALL YOLO EVERYTHING]

I started playing Street Fighter with a bunch of friends. I decided to record some of the gameplay footage; sorry no player cam this time. Next time I will have a two camera set up. Consider this a Salty Gamer’s episode… Street Fighter edition :P.

Match 1: [DMP] PhaNatcho Libre (Guy) vs BobbleheadAL (Fei Long)
Match 2: [MCZ] FAGura (Sakura) vs BobbleheadAL (Balrog)
Match 3: [DMP] PhaNatcho Libre (Zangief) vs [MCZ] FAGura (Ryu)
Match 4: BobbleheadAL (Rufus) vs [MCZ] Bakla (Balrog)
Match 5: BobbleheadAL (Balrog) vs [MCZ] FAGura (Sakura)
Match 6: [MCZ] Bakla (Akuma) vs [MCZ] FAGura (Sakura)
Match 7: [MCZ] Bakla (Akuma) vs [MCZ] FAGura (Sakura)
Match 8: [MCZ] Bakla (Akuma) vs [MCZ] FAGura (Sakura)
Match 9: [MCZ] Bakla (Ryu) vs [DMP] PhaNatcho Libre (Guy)

I’m Gonna Find Another You (John Mayer Cover) [John Mayer Is The Best!]

So here we go… I was feeling a little blue today so I thought, why not sing the blues! Covering one of my favourite songs by John Mayer and I hope you enjoy it despite it’s mistakes and flaws. <3 See you soon.

SSF4AE2012 – Best of ElRenmazuo [I’m the best.]

Whether you play Street Fighter 4 or not. You might enjoy my greatest triumps (since I lose more than I win). Enjoy kids!

Josh Moore – Streaked Faces [Favourite Song Evaaarrrr!]

So usually when I feel down… I like to drown my sorrows out with my favourite tune. This time, I decided to attempt a cover. I hope you kids enjoy!

Salty Gamers – SSF4AE2012 Matches v BobbleheadAL [I Suck At SF]

So here’s a little treat for you! Salty Gamers is back with a few SSF4AE2012 matches! As soon as I can round up the rest of the cast I will film a brand new episode! Stay tuned folks!

Sparks Fly Cover [I Heart Taylor Swift]

So It was inevitable that I was going to cover a Taylor Swift song. Hopefully next time I can round up my random “Lonely Hearts” band line up to do a cover with me. That will be fun. Anyways, I’m going to dedicate this to my future girlfriend… I haven’t found her yet but whatever still dedicating it to her :DDDDD. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Techincal details:

If you’re wondering, Taylor plays this song in regular tuning capo’d at 6th. I play this in DGCFAD (full step) capo’d at first so it’s like half step down.

-Ableton Live is my DAW of choice
-SM57 to record my amp (Fender Princeton Chorus)
-DI with Art & Luthrie Acoustic
-Fender Standard Stratocaster loaded w/ Seymour Duncan Invader Pickup.
-AudioTechnica Condenser
-M-Audio Fast Track Pro

I Don’t Know [Ryan Bingham Cover]

I’m pretty down and having a pretty bad day. So I decided to record a song before I go off to work. I hope you guys like it! =) Please enjoy. If you feel like it, leave me some feed back and what not. For all of you tech junkies, I recorded everything with an M-AUDIO FastTrack Pro w/ Ableton Live Suite 8, AudioTechnica Condenser and an Art & Lutherie Acoustic. If you would like the settings I used feel free to leave a comment and I will email you the compression settings and what not. <3.

Salty Gamers: Episode 6 – Time Force… Time Force… [Power Rangers] 07-10-2011

Yes! That’s right Salty Gamers is back! We will be filming summer episodes again! If you know me and would like to be a part of this show please feel free to let me know! This week’s game is Power Rangers Time Force. This game is definitely the worst game we’ve featured on this show. If you can get through the entire episode, you deserve an award! Enjoy! <3.

Keith Urban Singalong! 06-19-2011 [I Like Keith Urban]

One of my favourite things to do is to sing songs when I’m driving. It helps out a lot when dealing with the emotional stress that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, you are seeing correctly… I am singing along to Keith Urban. I’m a sap. Anyways, I hope you all turn this off at the amount of awkward in this video =). Enjoy. <3.